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Interview with Choreograph & Artistic Director Jacqulyn Buglisi. The Table of Silence Project 9/11 is a multi-cultural prayer for peace, realized through a transcendent ceremony for 100 dancers swathed in white, that carries out the vision of choreographer Jacqulyn Buglisi and artist Rossella Vasta. The site-specific work is titled after Vasta’s installation of 100 terracotta plates arranged around a symbolic banquet table uniting humanity. Buglisi transforms the concept into a moving meditation, a poetic call for tolerance and peace in our world. Photo Credits: Bill Biggart Flickr.com The U.S. National Archives wstera2 John Sonderman Eric, EJP Photo yagisu Globovisión Yu-bin Ed Campion Bastl F. Simon Gorny James, wavesummit Stefano Ravalli Frank Swift Jeffrey Putman William Cromar Video Credits: Shelby Production Choreographed & Artistic Direction Jacqulyn Buglisi More info: www.tableofsilence.org