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  • It begins with a quote from Arthur Miller: “It doesn’t exist, America. It’s a name you give to an abstract idea.” Antonio Monda, author of the novel L’America Non Esiste [America Does Not Exist] has lived in New York since the early ‘90s and today is a successful writer and professor at New York University. His book describes an America that unites and divides, an imaginary America, one imagined by each of us, written in lively and compelling prose.
  • If Congress does not resolve the budgetary deadlock by midnight, Saturday, April 9, the government will shutdown until a compromise is reached. Generally, if the government shuts down for budgetary reasons, all but “essential” government personnel are furloughed and not allowed to work. So what does this mean for immigration agencies?
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    Benedetta Grasso(October 22, 2010)
    At the Italian Cultural Institute, during the event “Lezioni Americane: Libri Come” Nathan Englander and Antonio Monda discussed the author’s approach to writing as well as upcoming projects
  • Negli Usa da qualche anno, lo scienziato italiano riflette sui sistemi accademici italiano e americano. Sia sul piano dei difetti, sia in termini di produzione culturale. Si inserisce così nel dibattito aperto di recente dal Prof. Anthony J. Tamburri su i-Italy