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  • Lo studio di Marisa Merz a Torino. Foto di Renato Ghiazza
    Fino al 7 maggio il MET Breuer ospita una delle più grandi retrospettive americane dedicate all’artista Marisa Merz. Per l’occasione abbiamo intervistato il curatore della mostra, Ian Alteveer, che ci ha raccontato l’incantevole mondo che si cela dietro il lavoro di “Marisa Merz. The Sky is a Great space”.
  • After the great 2011 retrospective at the Guggenheim, NY, the irreverent works of the artist Maurizio Cattelan are back… This time there are two events: Sotheby’s Auction House S/2 and Venus Over Manhattan present ”Cosa Nostra”, curated by the writer and art collector Adam Lindemann.
  • A little over a year before the official opening of the Expo 2015 in Milan (Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life), the neighboring region of Piemonte is preparing to offer the international public an extraordinary number of events and tourism initiatives. Such programs have recently been introduced to American tour operators at the offices of the Italian Tourist Board
  • The former director of the Italian Cultural Institute of New York recounts his Turin—how much the city has changed and the challenges it faces today.
  • Torino la mia città - raccontata da Brachetti
    Attention New Yorkers, we present you Turin. From the city’s first citizen and its delegation, Turin and its brand new initiative for tourist events, ExpoExto, which will take place in the area in and around Turin during Expo 2015 in Milan.
  • Among the several promotional events on Torino that have taken place in New York during the month of December, the Italian Trade Commission hosted a seminar called "Why Invest in Torino Piemonte, the intelligent location for your business." International guests have spoken about the importance of the capital of Piemonte, its contribution to the world's economy and the possibilities for foreign investors