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    Eataly Magazine(January 09, 2019)
    Nearly every Tuscan home cook is an expert at bistecca fiorentina, a traditional Florentine recipe that calls for only five ingredients. The steak is typically from Chianina cattle — an ancient Tuscan breed known for its prized and tasty meat — seasoned with local spices, and grilled over red-hot coals. It’s traditionally served “rare,” but we won’t judge if you ask for medium. (Not too much, anyway.)
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    Michele Scicolone(January 16, 2016)
    Steak for dinner makes any meal seem special. A simple pan sauce made with Barolo gives this recipe Italian flair. Tender steaks are quickly sauteed, then topped with a reduction of shallots, red wine, pancetta and balsamic vinegar. The pancetta enriches the sauce and adds texture while the vinegar adds a sweet tart tang.