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    MDM(December 06, 2010)
    At the Italian Government Tourist Board representatives from various Italian regions illustrate the beauties of their homelands and how they conjugate tourism with sport
  • From left to right: Vito Artioli, Umberto Vattani, Aniello Musella, Marco Alberti
    Events: Reports
    A.B.(December 03, 2010)
    New York opens its doors to a showcase of Italian craftsmanship, creativity and flair. The art of shoe-making and and the art of cooking combined to celebrate the Made in Italy
  • Milan Furniture Fair, honor its 50th in New York from November 29 through January 8. Along with the presentation by twenty Italian design companies, there will be some cultural spaces of certain artistic and media value. During the first event, in Scavolini Showroom, we had a pleasant chat with ITC’s president Ambassador Umberto Vattani. Following are some interesting points he made
  • A “friendship” gala for the 123rd anniversary of the oldest chamber of commerce in the U.S. Since 1887 it has been a fundamental presence in the Italy-America business world. This year’s Business and Cultural Award was given to RAI Corporation with Director Massimo Magliaro accepting it on RAI’s behalf.
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    Art & Culture
    A.B. & M.D.M.(November 11, 2010)
    Together at the Consulate General of Italy to celebrate the signing of the agreement that reinstates the Advanced Placement Program in Italian Language and Culture.