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    Marina Melchionda(April 15, 2010)
    On March 23-25 the Marriott Hotel in Times Square hosted the 57th edition of the North Eastern Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Language. We walked around the Italian Boot and met some of the most eminent institutional and social representatives of the Italian community in New York and the US who told us why, in their opinion, an American should learn Italian...
  • On March 31, the Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo` hosted a performance of "Arlecchino Malato d'Amore", or "Arlecchino Lovesick", performed by the Cortesi family (La Compagnia I Burratini Cortesi) of Bergamo, Italy. This performance was done in a commedia dell'arte style, with characters such as Pantalone, Arlecchino and Gioppino all interacting in one maniacal plot with Venice as the setting
  • Food for Thought / Stuzzichini (with Piero Bassetti & Niccolò D'Aquino)
    As we look at Italy's contemporary immigration policies and the resultant challenges, we sometimes muse that, had Italy studied more profoundly its own historical emigration, perhaps it might better comprehend (read, be more sensitive to) its current situation. Now, as we ponder Bassetti's notion of Italicity, we might actually engage in an even exchange or sorts, and learn something from Italy in similar regard. Save the Date! Book Presentation of "Italic Lessons". April 20, 6 PM, Calandra Institute. Panelists include: Francesco Maria Talò, Niccolò D'Aquino, Anthony J. Tamburri, Peter Carravetta, Mario Mignone, Gianpaolo Pioli, Stefano Vaccara, Letizia Airos. Send your questions&comments to [email protected] We'll submit them to Piero Bassetti during the conference!
  • On March 25, the Consulate General of Italy in New York, in collaboration with the Italian Trade Commission, hosted the Gran Finale of "Mind the Bridge", an initiative aimed at introducing American investors to the most advanced and promising Italian start-up in the field of advanced technology. The purpose is to encourage US Foreign Direct Investments in Italy, and support young national talent in the pursuit of their projects and initiatives
  • Aniello Musella
    In the past days the Vanderbit Hall at Grand Central hosted "Eyewear from the Beginning to the Future: the History of eyeglesses from their invention in Italy to the latest trends", an exhibit organized by the Italian Trade Commission and the Italian Optical Goods Manufacturers Association