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  • Italian and American law enforcement officials, activists and lawyers brought home the reality of antimafia activities in Italy and in America at a recent conference at John Jay College in Manhattan. The occasion, celebrating the life of Joe Petrosino - an Italian emigrant and NYPD lieutenant - and the dedication of a park to him, was a reminder of how much has been done and how much still remains in the ongoing war against the Mafia.
  • Festival delle Letterature di Roma. Roberto Saviano presents his new book “La bellezza e l’inferno – Scritti 2004-2009”. In this collection of editorials, tales, and articles he describes the two opposing aspects of his life since Gomorrah was published: the hell of what he saw and continues to see and the beauty of the art itself that he uses so that he can be a fair and accurate witness.
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    E.M.(October 16, 2008)
    Roberto Saviano is now considering leaving Italy to reclaim his life. "I’m still only 28, I want to write. [..] I felt the moral obligation to become a symbol...but now I want to rebuild my life, far from the shadows”
  • An appeals court upheld sixteen life imprisonments of members of the most powerful Mafia crime ring in the Naples area in a high-stakes trial on Thursday. A book, Gomorrah, was the main reason for sparking the interest in the current court case
  • Dopo il "New York Times", anche "The Economist" in Inghilterra ha inserito «Gomorra» nell'elenco dei titoli più importanti del 2007: il libro di Roberto Saviano è l'unico titolo italiano ad essere presente in entrambe le liste che come ogni fine anno vengono redatte dai due importanti giornali per segnalare i libri più significativi pubblicati in lingua inglese negli ultimi dodici mesi