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You chose: riccardo costa

  • Art & Culture
    N. L.(August 31, 2011)
    Trapped in an open house at the end of the world, a young man must decide who lives or dies among a group of eight strangers confronting the apocalypse. He has to choose. The Choice, a play written by Riccardo Costa, is a drama tinged with humor that addresses division based on religion, class, gender or politics and proves how much we are all the same, especially in front of death.
  • Life & People
    Andrea Riccio(September 18, 2009)
    Riccardo Costa is a young Italian director with a great love for cuisine. After having prepared delicious dishes for friends and colleagues, now it is time to do it before the camera as one of the finalist of “The Ultimate Recipe Showdown” a TV show broadcasted by Food Network