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  • Italian-born singer-songwriter Erene Mastrangeli–who currently resides in NYC–reflects on the journey that brought her to pursuing music in the US, her experience in the music industry, and her upcoming album Love, Shine.
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    Stanislao Pugliese(January 12, 2017)
    We are delighted to re-publish an article by Stanislao Pugliese in memory of the renowned singer-songwriter Pino Daniele. Daniele passed away two years ago, but during the course of his career, he brilliantly combined rock, African-American blues, and Neapolitan music.
  • Pino Daniele - Napule è (Dal Film "Passione" di John Turturro)
    Analyzing the importance of Naples as a source of artistic inspiration, Turturro’s “Passione” is a remarkable case-study: the Italian-American director decided to embark on a journey of discovery of Naples’ music and musicality. From the “bel canto” tradition to the newest popular sounds, Turturro documents the immense cultural heritage of Neapolitan music, and does so by directly involving Neapolitan artists in the process. Among these artists is Pino Daniele. The sound of Naples permeates the musical DNA of Pino Daniele, from the debut album “Terra Mia” to the latest works. His songs echo Mediterranean vibrations, mixing the Neapolitan dialect’s peculiar musicality to influences from different genres. The result is a unique “world music” sound, his creative hallmark, also characterizing his latest record, “La Grande Madre,” released last March, about which Daniele will answer questions at Casa Italiana.
  • Pino Daniele - "Melodramma" - Primo Inedito Estratto da "La Grande Madre" - Official Video
    Interview with the musician about his latest album, La Grande Madre [The Great Mother], which combines the blues and Mediterranean music. “Italy is the center of the Mediterranean. Its culture has not only been affected over time and influenced by Arab as well as African and European music, but also by the blues and American music.” Pino Daniele will be in New York (Apollo Theatre, June 7), Boston (Berklee Performance Center, June 9), and Washington, DC (Jazz Festival, June 10).
  • Musical giants access different parts of your soul. Last week brought two of my favorite artists to me - Bruce Springsteen and Pino Daniele. Both bring back great memories and parts of life. Italy in New York, New York in Italy. It's wonderful that the world has become so small that you can sit in the Apollo Theater singing Quando with 1000 Neapolitans and an African American usher greeting everyone with Buona Sera.
  • New York - Pino Daniele - Words & Notes
    The Italian Jazz Blues Icon performed for the first time in the US at the Apollo Theater. It was the right theater and the right audience -- a very important combination -- in a neighborhood like that of Harlem
  • Massimo Gallotta. Professional music producer. He is the man behind so much music history over the last 30 years. He has lived in New York for several years and has brought to American stages artists such as Benigni and Morricone. He launched the historic reunion concert by the trio LaBelle. On October 1, thanks to Gallotta, the Apollo Theater will host Pino Daniele’s debut in America. Massimo told us about himself, originally from Salerno where he organized a rock concert in his home town and…