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    Francesca Sarda(April 29, 2014)
    An interview with Marco De Ceglie, Ceo of 'De Cecco USA' De Cecco’s simple yet eye-catching design symbolizes the natural ingredients of their pasta: wheat and water, sun and the Italian sky.
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    Natasha Lardera(November 27, 2013)
    Food authority Francine Segan comes out with a new book "Pasta Modern, New & Inspired Recipes from Italy", that sets the scene in an Italy that is vibrant, ever-changing, and moving forward and where the hottest, newest, and most unusual pasta dishes, 100 recipes in total, are provided by food bloggers, home cooks, artisan pasta makers, and vanguard chefs
  • "Mani in Pasta" and the restaurant, recently opened by Rana in Chelsea on the West Side, is becoming a laboratory and location to learn the Italian language and a little cooking. Antonella and Giovanni Rana are teaching thirty-five students of Italian from the Catholic school Corpus Christi of Morningside Heights in Harlem how to make ravioli
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    Giulia Madron(July 14, 2013)
    Charming and talented chefs of the “Delverde” team will be in and around New York to share the history and the special characteristics of Italian pasta through tastings and cooking seminars. Also, last week, the Italian Cultural Institute of New York, held an interesting lecture by Stefano Miloni, a food and wine expert. He spoke about this famous food invented by the Romans.
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    Natasha Lardera(July 02, 2013)
    Delverde's Pasta Sommelier Tasting and Cooking Experience is an innovative and interactive product demonstration that not only pleases participants' palates but also expands their knowledge and understanding of high quality Italian food. Each one hour course includes a pasta tasting and a cooking class led by the experienced pasta boys.
  • Guido Barilla, Chairman of Barilla, the world’s largest pasta company, presented the biography of his father Pietro “Everything Is Done For The Future,” edited by Francesco Alberoni, an Italian sociologist and friend of Pietro’s. The book is is available online and in publisher Rizzoli’s bookshops in New York.
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    Iwona Adamczyk(May 28, 2013)
    Meet Rosario and Pasquale, two friends who not only share a passion for soccer, but also demonstrate a particular fervor for their native Naples.
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    Charles Scicolone(October 05, 2008)
    Meeting with Salvatore Fraterrigo, chef for the Sicilian restaurant "Cacio e Vino" in Manhattan. Author of the cookbook "I Tesori della Cucina Siciliana", he learned how to cook from his mother and grandmother.