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  • Rita Borsellino
    Si è spenta Rita Borsellino dopo una lunga malattia in ospedale. Era la sorella del giudice Paolo, magistrato italiano, vittima di mafia. Aveva 73 anni. Dopo il brutale assassinio del fratello, per mano di Cosa Nostra, è stata un testimone molto attivo della lotta alla mafie e alle criminalità organizzate. Negli ultimi anni aveva creato e fondato il "Centro Studi Paolo Borsellino", che si propone come l'archivio di questi anni d'impegno, ma anche e soprattutto uno strumento per fare memoria.
  • Italian judge and prosecuting magistrate, Judge Giovanni Falcone
    On May 23rd, 1992, the Mafia in Sicily tragically killed Judge Giovanni Falcone, who dedicated his career to fighting organized crime. Now, 25 years later, the Fulbright Commission Italy has joined with the Fondazione Falcone and the National Italian American Foundation (NIAF) to create a grant for students in the field of Criminology.
  • May 23 marks the 21st anniversary of the murder of the anti-Mafia Judge Giovanni Falcone, his wife Francesca Morvillo and their three bodyguards, blown up by 500 kilos of dynamite on the highway between the airport at Puna Raisi and the city of Palermo. Most of those considered responsible are in prison. But what is believed to lie behind his murder, and that months later of his fellow magistrate Paolo Borsellino, is still being analyzed by Palermo magistrates investigating allegations that an illegal secret pact had been forged between the government and the Mafia. In the words of Palermo's chief prosecutor, Roberto Scarpinato, "We must take cognizance that the Mafia evil is not outside of us, but also among us."
  • Facts & Stories
    Judith Harris(August 27, 2012)
    From Palermo, prosecutor Antonio Ingroia is fighting to have those responsible for a sub rosa negotiation in 1992 between top Mafia bosses and representatives of the Italian state brought to trial. Most unfortunately for all concerned, the phone taps he ordered as part of his inquiry led straight into the Quirinal Palace.
  • In the article "The Anti-Mafia Professionals", appeared on the national daily Il Corriere della Sera, Sicilian writer Leonardo Sciascia attacked Borsellino when he requested a transfer from the Palermo anti-Mafia pool of judges to Marsala where he hoped to take over as chief prosecutor: "This article was a stunning error, and the cause of permanent damage. To speak of Borsellino as an ‘anti-Mafia professional’ was absurd and completely implausible," commented Giancarlo Caselli, a witness to the events that brought to the murder of judge Giovanni Falcone, prosecutor Paolo Borsellino and their police escorts
  • On July 18, the day before the l8th anniversary of the murder of Judge Paolo Borsellino, the statues commemorating him and another emblematic victim of the Sicilian Mafia, Judge Giovanni Falcone, were smashed by vandals. On the day before the official commemoration a scant one hundred marched in Palermo in an anti-Mafia procession, led by Borsellino’s brother
  • IO RICORDO L'idea Fondazione Progetto Legalità
    The Screening of "Io Ricordo" (I Remember), a film that recounts the story of anti-Mafia judges Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino as well as many other victims of the Mafia, is part of the program scheduled for June 17 in New York to mark the tenth anniversary of the Palermo Convention and the additional protocols established to combat organized crime
  • A "civic escort" for judge Antonio Ingroia and for anti-mafia magistrates such as Nino Di Matteo and Sergio Lari will be set up by a group of citizens of the city of Palermo. The initiative comes after the latest serious threats to the anti-Mafia prosecutors conducting the delicate investigations on the slaughters of Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino.