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    (June 01, 2013)
    Italian Ambassador Claudio Bisogniero Announces New Miami Trade Office at First Florida Official Visit with 200 Community and Governmental Leaders
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    A. G.(April 07, 2013)
    National Italian American Foundation held at Cipriani 42nd Street. Awards for their efforts were given to Italian-Americans particularly accomplished in their business field
  • Italian American Relief is a website opened by NIAF to fundraise for the victims of the Emilia-Romagna earthquakes. It also represents a new way of organizing relief efforts in the Italian-American community, as it invites all the groups the community is fragmented in to join forces and share the campaign, maximizing its impact. In an exclusive interview, i-Italy spoke with NIAF’s Chief Operating Officer John Viola about the project
  • NYU. Roberto Saviano - In Italy the best anti-mafia law in the world
    In the first of a series of commentaries by Italian-American intellectuals on Roberto Saviano's recent talk about Mafia at the New York University, George DeStefano holds that Italian American anti-defamationists outraged by Mafia movies and TV shows should adopt the Italian approach, choosing candid and historically-informed discourse rather than ethnic defensiveness.
  • Editors’ Note: We do not doubt that the media can and have had a dilatory effect on how certain members of society may look upon others. We also realize that Italian Americans may indeed be the last punching bag for ethnic bigots in various venues. We also understand the outrage that some have expressed toward the MTV show “Jersey Shore.” What we do not understand is the truculent, vituperous, and visceral bile that has spewed forth from some people and local organizations against this program. In our opinion, two objections have proven to be thoughtful and well reasoned, regardless of whether one may agree or disagree with the reasoning offered. The first was the December program of Italics, the Italian American Magazine (now available at http://www.cuny.tv/series/italics/index.lasso), in which Andre DiMino, president of UNICO National, spoke quite eloquently to the issue at hand, underscoring what he saw as the major problems with this and other mediatic representations of Italian Americans. The second appears below, the Press Release that the National Italian American Foundation recently sent out to various news organizations and associations. We have decided to share it with our readers of i-Italy.org, precisely because of its temperate tone and acknowledgement that Italian America indeed is more pluralistic than others might think.