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  • It has now been ten years since Antonio Monda and Davide Azzolini held the first edition of their literary festival “Le Conversazioni”, on the beautiful island of Capri. Since then the event has grown and now takes place in four different cities spanning over 3 continents. The festival takes the form of casual yet sophisticated discussions between notorious intellectual figures. We met with the organizers during their annual New York preview at NYU’s Casa Italiana Zerilli-Merimò and talked about the event’s inception and about what’s to be expected from the season’s NYC events at the Morgan Library, at the NY Historical Society, and at the Guggenheim.
  • In a challenging performance that has never before been attempted, I physically become Leonardo, wearing period costumes and reconstructive makeup to render a true likeness of the genius. “My” Leonardo answers 52 questions in the guise of philosopher, scientist, painter, inventor, architect, geologist, botanist and doctor. The text is culled from Leonardo’s own works so that this imaginary interview recreates his real Renaissance idiom. (Debut - April 21 at the Morgan Library)
  • Le Conversazioni, is an event created by Antonio Monda in collaboration with co-curator Davide Azzolini, and it is inspired by everything that is art, theater, literature, dance and film. This is not just a moment to hear what big stars like to watch, but it is an opportunity to learn what has influenced their work, to understand their style better and even to learn about films you have never heard of before
  • A one of a kind exhibit will be on view starting October 25, including some of Leonardo da Vinci’s most celebrated drawings in addition to a selection of other works on paper by the Renaissance artist and his followers. The prestigious exhibit will be celebrated by La Fondazione with a gala benefit on November 4, whose proceeds will be used to fund grants and awards for young Italian artists and emerging talents.
  • Created by Antonio Monda and Davide Azzolini, the itinerant literary and cultural festival takes place between New York and Capri and brings together international writers, journalists and intellectuals to discuss challenging topics and the art of writing.