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  • Rivers, mountains, beaches and a sea teeming with fish. This UNESCO World Heritage Site starts at the temples and ancient Greek ruins of Paestum and comprises eighty towns and villages, sixty miles of coast, the tallest mountains and densest forests in the region, as well as dozens of vineyards, wine cellars and farming businesses that produce exquisite food.
  • Local administrative elections this past Sunday and Monday in Rome and other key cities throughout Italy caught observers by surprise. The turnout was 20% lower than the last round five years ago, as nearly half those entitled to vote in the cities, which included Rome, Ferrara and Siena, stayed home or abstained. Whereas the left-leaning Partito Democratico (PD) made a surprisingly good showing. Berlusconi's Partito della Liberta' (PdL) slumped behind the PD, and Beppe Grillo's Movimento Cinque Stelle (M5S, or Five-Star Movement) just dropped a few stars. For them, no one had predicted a debacle on this level.