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  • Facts & Stories
    di Maria Rita Latto(April 01, 2008)
    The international edition of Newsweek dedicates the cover of its April 7 issue to the Italian elections. There is a rather frightening photomontage representing a character called “Veltrusconi”...
  • Facts & Stories
    (February 23, 2008)
    Italian inflation sparked fresh alarm Friday after supermarket, fuel, bar and restaurant prices showed a 4.8% annual rise in February - their highest leap in 11 years.
  • The crackdown on Mafia shows Italy at its best. Southern Italian cities, though plagued by many serious problems, no longer seem to be suitable places for a good mobster to hang out. That, at least, is progress.
  • The flavor, color and fragrance of olive oils can vary greatly depending on distinctions such as growing region (oils from southern Italy tend to be fruitier) and the crop’s condition. Olive oils are graded according to the degree of acidity they contain.
  • Imagine Michael Moore leading a national protest against the corrupted political class. Beppe Grillo is an unconventional comedian turned to political activism. He has been producing controversial shows for almost 20 years, making people laugh and sigh with his sharp humor.
  • Life & People
    Maria Rita Latto(September 30, 2007)
    Whats' life like for American expatriates who live in the Bel Paese? The current sterotype would suggest that it's a Dolce Vita all day long. But we found a website that tells a different story...
  • This Autumn Italy offers an increadible number of magnificent artistic exhibitions. Many masterpieces are coming from the most important museums and institutions not only from Italy, but also from other European, American and Middle Eastern countries.