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    I. I.(January 15, 2020)
    New York restaurant Lucciola launches a new series of Jazz Nights with a special event featuring the Stefano Doglioni Trio and guitarist Pasquale Grasso on Thursday January 16, 2020.
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    Roberta Cutillo(June 07, 2019)
    The Italian Cultural Institute in New York is hosting a series of Jazz concerts featuring talented Italian artists. The next two are scheduled for June 11th and 18th.
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    Enzo Capua(August 28, 2018)
    Jazz music was born over a hundred years ago in the slums of New Orleans thanks to the melting pot of races, ethnicities, lifestyles, styles of talking that Louisiana’s great port city represented.
  • There was a time, around the 1930s, when jazz music became so popular and recognizable that even today it is still described as the peak of the “Jazz Era”, which in fact began around a decade before.
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    Enzo Capua(April 26, 2016)
    On our tour of jazz at i-Italy, we have been revisiting important instruments—and, as a result, phenomenal musicians—that form the story of the music, both in America and in Italy. And we intend to continue along that path, because it’s important to pique the interest of people who don’t know the music well.
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    Enzo Capua(February 26, 2016)
    Of all the instruments most commonly played in jazz, the oldest and noblest is without question the trumpet. Because it is a wind instrument, and therefore attached to the most direct form of communicating emotions (i.e., the voice), it often vies for the lead role with the saxophone.
  • An exciting jazz concert sponsored by Enzo Capua and the Italian Cultural Institute of New York will take place at the Roulette Theatre in Brooklyn on June 1st. The event will feature three young and talented Italian jazz pianists: Giovanni Guidi of the Giovanni Guidi Trio, solo artist Alessandro Lanzoni and Domenico Sanna of the “Brooklyn Beat!” Trio, who will all be performing back-to-back throughout the same action-packed night. Despite their young age – the three musicians are 30 or younger – they are all established figures within the jazz industry, having won titles such as the “Top Jazz” poll in Italy.
  • Apparently the first form of verbal communication between human beings closely approximated what we might define as a “song,” i.e., the verbal utterance of sounds bound together by a communicative, or emotional, structure. In short, our ancestors talked to one another by using sounds formed by a logic dictated by their feelings or needs at a given time. It’s no coincidence that our voice is known as the “first instrument,” the first means of emitting sounds that were elaborate and pleasing (or displeasing, depending on the case).
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    Enzo Capua(December 01, 2014)
    Let’s do an experiment. Those of you who don’t make a habit of singing—or are afraid to alarm the neighbors—try intoning a song that you know under the shower or in the tub—without the words.
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    Enzo Capua(September 18, 2014)
    Sonny Rollins. The American tenor saxophonist is widely recognized as one of the most important and influential jazz musicians and he loves Italy ...