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  • Art & Culture
    Mila Tenaglia(November 06, 2014)
    After the first big exhibit at CIMA headlined by Fortunato Depero, the Center for Italian Modern Art is opening the doors to its enchanting SoHo loft for its second annual installation, a major retrospective of Medardo Rosso that showcases not only sculpture but also photography and abstract drawings by one of Italy’s major sculptors.
  • Facts & Stories
    Giulia Madron(February 20, 2014)
    George Clooney is lobbying for the return of the Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa back to Italy. Inspired by his new WWII drama, “The Monuments Men,” Hollywood actor and director reopens the debate on the rightful ownership of some of the world's most famous cultural treasures
  • A student of Gastone Biggi, Giorgio Kiaris continues his master’s manifesto, experimenting with the synthesis of abstract and figurative painting, through swirling weaves of marks and colors. The paintings of Giorgio Kiaris will be exhibited for the first time in New York at the S. Artspace Gallery, 345 Broome Street. The exhibit, titled "Cromografie" will be open to the public from 9 October 2013 to 31 October 2013, from 6PM to 8PM.
  • A vital time of experimentation, the Thirties were a prelude to the modern era, with a syncretism of styles and the emergence of design and mass communication. The influence of the regime and the tensions between tradition and modernity will be the focus of the exhibition “The Thirties. The Arts in Italy Beyond Fascism,” that will take place at Palazzo Strozzi in Florence from September 22 to January 27.
  • In a ceremony held at the Consulate General of Italy to New York on May 15, Ambassador of Italy Claudio Bisogniero awarded Princess Giulia Ghirardi Borghese with the rank of Knight on behalf of President Giorgio Napolitano. An active promoter of Italian arts and Culture, Borghese received this appointment for the exhibition "Paintings from the Accademia Carrara," held at the Italian Embassy to the US in Washington, DC.