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    I. i.(February 13, 2019)
    We publish many stories. Beautiful and less beautiful. We feel the duty to publish this appeal too. Hoping to reach someone willing to help this guy. Currently, the only CONCRETE HOPE of SALVATION for Patrick is at Penn Medicine's Abramson Cancer Center Clinic in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where there are other possible immunotheraypy treatments
  • Graziano updated his Facebook status and wrote the following: “I'm available to help organize any kind of fund raising hurricane relief! Please contact me in private if you have any idea you want to share! We should all help!” Soon after he received a message from his friend Alina. “Would like to help as well. Let me know if you come up with something.” This brief exchange gave life to the following initiative “Rescue Rockaways.” Read is the full story. And “Rescue Rockaways” doesn’t end here, because the Rockaways, Queens still need our help. Find the agenda for this Sunday, 11.11