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  • It is mid-summer, and Italians can be forgiven for turning their attention away from politics, if only briefly. To what? Here’s the surprise: to their animals. It is a commonplace that until now Italians have not been considered great animal lovers. “Why, we don’t even have a word in Italian for pets!” our dog-loving Italian friend, a former diplomat, protested the other day, as he walked his beloved dog. If not, they have pets, and how.
  • Kairos Italy Theater brings to Dicapo Opera a sharp satire written by a great, contemporary Italian woman playwright, Franca Valeri. Starring Laura Caparrotti and Marta Mondelli, the play is inspired by the storyline, the main characters and settings of all three acts of the opera by Giacomo Puccini. Running until March 30.
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    Maggie Martino(January 22, 2010)
    She might not be a young girl anymore, but she is still great, if not the greatest. She is Franca Valeri. The acting company “Kairos Italy Theater” will celebrate her in New York this upcoming February by performing “Tosca e le altre due” (Tosca and the two downstairs) at “the cell”.
  • The theater company KITCAFFE' will debut in February with a comedy by Franca Valeri “Tosca e le altre due”. Join the actors and the Artistic Director Laura Caparrotti on December 11 for their “KitFundraiser”: help them support their new production and enjoy an evening of culture, fun and plenty of great food!