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  • Italian language and Italian culture make an inseparable pair. Ilaria Costa, executive director of the Italian American Committee on Education (IACE), speaks about this and recounts how difficult it is, in the Tristate area, to promote everything Italian through the language. It’s surprising – but not surprising to us at i-Italy – that many Americans, who do not have a familial relationship with our country, are interested in studying our language. The charm of our culture penetrates America, regardless of the blood ties of its inhabitants.
  • MadreTerra by Flavio Manzoni
    Flavio Manzoni, a renown artist and designer launches a continuation of Madreterra project that he created in order to raise funds for his motherland Sardinia and its people post the devastating cyclone, which impacted the area back in November of 2013. This time he utilizes BORN, an elite crowdfunding website, to gather funds and exposure for this dear to his heart project.
  • Designed by Flavio Manzoni – the mind behind today’s Ferrari design – an amazing lamp from Leucos is the star of an evening at CIMA (Center for Italian Modern Art in New York). The aim is to raise funds to rebuild a school severely damaged by a flood in his native land, the marvelous Italian island of Sardinia. In this interview Flavio Manzoni tells us about this project, carried out in conjunction with Leucos.
  • Leucos’ iconic Great JJ light has been jet-setting around the world as part of the brand’s Madreterra project. A collaboration between Leucos and Architect Flavio Manzoni (from January 2010 he entered in Ferrari as design director), the project will benefit those affected by a flood which occurred in Manzoni’s native Sardinia this past November. After making an appearance at a Madreterra event in Milan, it is ready to make its mark on the Big Apple
  • In May, a 6.1 earthquake struck Emilia Romagna causing death and destruction. From that moment several initiatives took place, from charities to concerts. New York wants to do its part, with an event including a silent auction with luxury donations from Bulgari and Ferragamo and personal items from movie stars, wine and food testings and famous chefs. And i-Italy gets a discount! You will pay only $115 instead of $250. See how it's done!
  • Sergio Pininfarina died overnight on July 3 at age 86. A master of Made in Italy design, Pininfarina is the man behind the international success of Carrozzeria Pinin Farina, the family bodywork shop opened in the 1930s that became the world’s most influential car design atelier.
  • It travels at speeds of up to 300 kilometers per hour between Milan, Rome and Naples. The new high-speed train is a welcomed novelty featuring innovative features, exclusive customer service and valuable traveling time. Most of all: it does not belong to the monopolistic, state-supported company 'Ferrovie dello Stato'. Is Italy finally going to open up to market competition in such a strategic sector as railway transportation?