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  • No TAP Commitee
    The clash between Italy's Minister for the economy and finance Giovanni Tria and the top political players overshadows all other arguments within the government. On the agenda are in-house quarrels over dropping the euro and the amount of monthly pensions, and going forward with the gas pipeline from Azerbaijan.
  • Giovanni Fattori, Macchiaiolo
    For better and sometimes for worse, 2016 had its memorable moments. Given the importance of the arts in Italy, among the events of the year listed below are also major art exhibitions and performances of grand opera.
  • President of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi
    For Forbes magazine, Mario Draghi, 69, president of the European Central Bank, ranks number 11 among the world's most powerful people. Speaking in Brussels this week, the man nicknamed "Super Mario" offered recipes for the EU -- and for Italy.
  • Recently the Economist summed up the European economic situation, including Italy's, as, "Fifty Shades of Gray without the Sex." So now what? This was the leitmotif of the annual workshop of the 30-year-old Council for the United States and Italy, chaired by Council president and Fiat chief Sergio Marchionne. Not surprisingly, the most eagerly awaited speaker was economist Fabrizio Saccomani, Minister for the Economy and Finance. To this crucial role Saccomini brings broad international experience beginning with his post-grad years at Princeton University. As Marchionne put it, "Just how is Italy to get its economy back on track? This is the challenge."