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  • On display there are 84 previously unpublished photographs depicting the lavish lifestyle of 1950’s Italian movie stars.
    New York City’s favorite Italian marketplace is hosting a one of a kind photographic show: “La Dolce Vita, 1950-1960. Stars and Celebrities in the Italian Fifties” curated by Marco Panella. Hanging from bars suspended from the ceiling are wonderful black and white images of stars at play and work in Italy during this glamorous decade. 
  • Dining in & out: Articles & Reviews
    Mario Gates(October 13, 2011)
    Eight of Italy’s most historic and popular distilleries will host tastings, classes and events so spirits’ enthusiasts can see for themselves the quality liqueurs that make Italy’s cocktail culture so diverse and cutting-edge
  • Vendola Presenta la Puglia. Eataly NYC
    June 20, 2011, NYC, Nichi Vendola, President of the Apulia Region, and Dario Stefano, Minister of the Agricultural Policies, took a tour of the Eataly Store guided by Oscar Farinetti bodily, creator and owner of the company.
  • We got together with the Governor before his trip to New York to present his region with a number of events at the oenogastronomic center Eataly. The interview includes forecasts and thoughts about the Italian political situation.
  • The business school of the University of Bologna is offering 10 full scholarships toward the inaugural year of an MBA in Food and Wine. The scholarships, funded entirely by leading Italian bottled water brand Ferrarelle, cover the entire cost of the 12-month program that begins September 2011. Alma's international MBA in Food and Wine, conducted entirely in English, is the only such degree focused on the exclusive knowledge of Italy's most successful wine and food companies
  • 7 mosse: l'avventura comincia
    On April 25 (Italian Liberation Day) Giovanni Soldini and Oscar Farinetti departed from Genoa on a sail boat. They will arrive in New York on June 2 for the Italian National Republic Day festivities. A crew of leading artists, entrepreneurs, chefs, and sailors travels with them. They bring seven suggestions to create a sound and robust Italy to be delivered to Consul General Francesco Maria Talò in New York.
  •  Eataly entrance
    Life & People
    Letizia Airos(December 09, 2010)
    Eataly’s founding father Oscar Farinetti talked with us at length. He discussed his father, bread, home appliances, cultural integration, New York, politics, Nichi Vendola, his children, and the company.