You chose: donald trump

  • Today’s Italian American voters are as likely to vote for Bernie Sanders as they were to vote for their semi-co-ethnic Bill De Blasio; or for Barack Obama whose name also ended in a vowel. Here I will try to explain Bernie's place in Presidential preference polls among more or less likely Italian American voters. You might think that among Italian American voters, Bernie’s major opponent is Hillary Clinton, but it’s really “The Donald” Trump.
  • Donald trumping all in the Republican race is only possible thanks to an undemocratic system. Disguised in the public eye as the ultimate democratic institution, the primaries actually tend to impose minority decisions, nullify political parties, and ultimately destroy democracy and accountability as we know them. These problems are peculiarly American. They are hardly found in other Western democracies in Europe, Canada or Australia.
  • I agree with Marcello Saija’s observations on Italy’s and Europe’s chaotic immigration policy, and that both potential immigrant- Europeans and native- born ones would greatly benefit by transforming Lampedusa into a modern version of Ellis Island. However, I have some major cautions as well. America’s immigration policy has never been an instance of “social engineering”...