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  • Dining in & out: From Eataly Magazine
    Eataly Magazine(December 09, 2017)
    Perfect for both your next holiday party or a weeknight at home, this simple spaghetti recipe perfectly highlights the rich, buttery flavors of caviar. Dress up any occasion with the prized product!
  • Facts & Stories
    Dino Borri(July 08, 2016)
    Caviar can be enjoyed eaten on its own, given its value, cost and the delicate aroma, but it is ideally accompanied by cold foods such as sh Carpaccio, and of course a bottle of cold Franciacorta Brut. But did you know that Italy is the biggest producer of caviar in the world? Italian caviar is even exported to Russia!
  • Facts & Stories
    Mario Gate(August 31, 2011)
    Not many people know that Italian farmed caviar has made it to the top places of the worldwide caviar league. When you think of caviar you think of the Caspian Sea and of other lands, Russia being the first. Well, Italy is definitely fighting these countries for supremacy in caviar land.