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  • John P. and his nephew John D. Calvelli during the interview for the project "Grandparents & Grandchildren in Italian America"
    Our series continues with this conversation between nonno John P., who came from Vico Apriliano, Calabria, in the late1950s and settled in the Bronx, and his young nephew John D., who represents a new generation of Americans of Italian descent who see their culture not as an element of divisiveness but as a tool for understanding others and placing value on the real wealth of America: diversity and inclusion.
  • David Greco with his father Michele and his son Christian
    Fresh off the G train to the Bronx - you have just landed in Italy. Given that a “Little Italy” already exists in N.Y.C. the Bronx, and in particular the Arthur Avenue area, should really deserve to be appointed the city’s “Big Italy.” The Arthur Avenue Retail Market offers some of the best and most authentic Italian food products in town. The very heart of this retail realm is Davids Greco’s “Mike’s Deli,” a place permeated with history, folklore and a religious commitment to quality.
  • Pulitzer Prize- and Oscar-winning John Patrick Shanley is best known for his riveting Broadway play Doubt, which he has since rewritten as a screen-play and a movie, as well as his Hollywood hit Moonstruck, which won three Academy Awards. He is also a theater and film director. And above all, he loves Italy and Italian America.
  • Whereas Jesus Christ stopped at Eboli on his way elsewhere and has yet to make a confirmed appearance anywhere in the bailiwick of Cardinal Timothy Dolan, I am happy to report that the ironically Christ-like radical Italian philosopher, Antonio Gramsci, has finally made it to The Bronx; but only by way of Switzerland.
  • Italian singer-songwriter Peppe Voltarelli comes out of this tradition, putting a distinctly modern and Italian twist on it. Hailing from Calabria (that's the toe of Italy's boot), Voltarelli sings his tales with a distinctly Calabrian point of view and dialect, pointing out the hypocrisy and deep political corruption in one of Italy's most troubled regions, but balancing that with a dash of humor and catchy melodies often delivered on acoustic guitar.
  • Art & Culture
    Joey Skee(February 28, 2009)
    Giuseppe Gagliardi’s film La vera leggenda di Tony Vilar is a musical journey tracing the circuitous routes of the Italian diaspora.
  • On October 23, Mary Sansone, Monsignor John A. Ruvo, Patricia Santangelo, and Anthony J. Tamburri were recognized as prominent members of the Italian-American community in the United States. For the occasion, the Arthur Avenue market became an Italian piazza where the whole neighborhood gathered and cheered.
  • Downtown Manhattan residents weren't too hot on Pope Benedict XVI. But here's the other side of the coin. Outside of Yankee Stadium the crowds waiting for Benedict to pass through--provided they weren't there to push the agendas of other Christian denominations--were keen on the new Pope. They couldn't attend the large-scale mass but most of them did their best to provide a welcome wagon.