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  • Art & Culture
    Natasha Lardera(August 06, 2014)
    Rizzoli has just published a new book on the designer from Piacenza by the title “I cretini non sono mai eleganti: Giorgio Armani in parole sue.” The volume, edited by Paola Pollo, was released to celebrate Armani's 80th birthday, which occurred on July 11th.
  • Facts & Stories
    Judith Harris(May 11, 2014)
    Once again Turin hosted the prestigious International Book Salon held at the Lingotto May 8-12. A key participant was Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Vatican Secretary of State, who spoke of Pope Francis’s “novel” use of words in speeches, documents and chats with pilgrims at general audiences in St. Peter’s Square in Rome. As elsewhere, the book trade and independent book stores are feeling the pinch, but, in a positive sign, the market for children’s books is on the rise, and scholastic achievements in Italy’s deep South show some improvement.
  • The Rizzoli Bookstore building is an icon of New York City architecture and one of the most beautiful commercial spaces in America. After 30 years, it is now facing the threat of demolition. It’s unlikely at this point that it will be saved unless a public backlash is strong enough to convince city officials otherwise. Sign the petition on line!
  • Naples, 1963: ... She banged the cover against the pan, beat it like a drum, rolled the spoon around inside ... Nonna explained that in Italy this is what you did at midnight to greet the New Year...
  • Life & People
    Natasha Lardera(December 10, 2007)
    Da Vinci’s Kitchen: A Secret History of Italian Cuisine (BenBella Books, January 2007) by Dave Dewitt, bestselling author of several cookbooks, takes a fresh approach do the artist’s life and to food in Renaissance Italy. “Reading several of his biographies triggered a ‘where’s the food?’ response in me as a food writer,” the author claims, “and prompted me to study his notebooks to find the food reference in them.”
  • When the Risorgimento finally succeeded in joining the many parts of Italy into a single nation, Massimo D’Azeglio remarked, “We have made Italy, now we must make Italians.”