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  • Domenico Starnone
    Winner of Italy’s most prestigious literary prize,the Strega, Naples-born writer Domenico Starnone talks about his short, provocative novel Lacci(Ties), translated into English by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jhumpa Lahiri.
  • Laura Benedetti
    Secondo Piano, il secondo romanzo di Laura Benedetti, si svolge all’interno del mondo accademico, presentando domande pressanti sulle contraddizioni della globalizzazione, il ruolo delle università e la capacità della scrittura di ristabilire l'equilibrio in un mondo sempre mutevole. La narrazione segue Federico Conti, direttore del dipartimento italiano di una prestigiosa università americana, mentre affronta la morte improvvisa del suo collega Jacopo, un vecchio professore dell'università. Emanuela Medoro offre una recensione dell’ultimo lavoro di Benedetti.
  • Barnes & Noble Announces More Than 100 Italian-American Authors Marching Up Fifth Avenue in the Columbus Citizens Foundation's Annual Columbus Day Parade. Chairman and Founder of Barnes & Noble Leonard Riggio Is this year's Grand Marshal and created the theme "A Celebration of Italian-American Authors" Barnes & Noble Will Hand Out 50,000 Copies of The Constitution of the United States of America with the Declaration of Independence for Free at the Parade. Angelo Vivolo, President of the Columbus Citizens Foundation, had this to say; "The Columbus Citizens Foundation is so honored to have Leonard Riggio as this year's Grand Marshal in our 73rdannual parade. His celebration of Italian-American authors and his creation of this year's Parade theme are both clear indications of the Parade's intention of celebrating Italian-American culture and achievement."
  • Elena Berriolo performing 'A Book as a Line on the River'. Photo by Sara Pettinella
    This September and October 2017 don't miss the chance to experience the several performances that Italian artist Elena Berriolo will present at the Children's Museum of the Arts in New York. This is a unique opportunity to witness this innovative performer who chose to investigate the world through a fascinating instrument: the sewing machine.
  • "The Bridge" book awards at the Italian Embassy in Washington, D.C.
    On Wednesday evening, Nadia Terranova and Marco Belpoliti discussed their award-winning books at the Italian Institute of Culture.
  • Three of Elena Ferrante's books translated into English
    Devoted fans upset with the work of Italian investigative journalist Claudio Gatti for "outing" Anita Raja as the writer behind the Elena Ferrante alias.
  • Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimò hosted, with the participation of authors Jhumpa Lahiri and Tiziana Rinaldi Castro, one of its many successful book presentations for Storie di Libri Perduti (Stories of Lost Books, 2016, Editori Laterza), a book by Giorgio Van Straten. “Storie di Libri Perduti tells the story of other books that were but are no more: lost books aren't forgotten works or words that were born in the author's mind but never laid down on paper: they are books the author wrote, that someone saw or even read, but that were then destroyed or simply disappeared.”
  • Author Nicola Gardini and translator Michael F. Moore met, after months of work and collaboration, at Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimò in a conversation about Gardini's novel Le Parole Perdute di Amelia Lynd (2012 Feltrinelli) and its English translation, completed by Moore, Lost Words (2016, New Directions). Moderated by scholar Michael Wyatt, the evening focused on Milan in the 1970s, coming of age (including sexual awakening), the travails of translating and collaboration.
  • Life is full of beautiful surprises. I have been following Jhumpa Lahiri for years, having discovered her books when I lived in New York. A friend of mine gave me Interpreter of the Maladies as a present. Nevertheless I hadn’t known about her deep passion for the Italian language nor that she had spent three years in Italy learning Italian. The result of her stay in Rome was a book written in that language, In altre parole, a sincere ode to the Italian language, which makes Lahiri an extraordinary ambassador of Italian abroad.