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  • Rossella Rago and Nonna Carmela's Stuffed Mushrooms
    There’s nothing like nonna’s cooking. But perhaps you’ve never had a chance to record your nonna’s recipes, or perhaps you’re looking to find a new Italian recipe. Not to fear, Rossella Rago has your back with her show “Cooking with Nonna” and her new cookbook also entitled “Cooking with Nonna.”
  • i-Italy receives and publishes an article by Chris Lambright, a 37-years old Italian-American and African-American man whose experience as mixed ethnicity kid in the 1980s had him struggle for acceptance from both sides. The article was inspired by the hurtful memories stirred up by the discriminatory treatment reserved to Mario Balotelli, the Italian soccer player, who was thrown bananas at by Croatian supporters during Euro 2012.
  • Negative, or at least puzzled, reactions to visibly different newcomers is universal. Whether in America, Italy or Norway, learning how to see difference positively as part of all our communities is something devoutly to be wished.
  • Chiara Montalto. An Italian-American Tale on Stage
    On November 4-20 the critically acclaimed Barefoot Theatre Company will present Chiara Montalto's Solo Show at the Cherry Lane Studio Theatre. "Emergency Used Candles" is a Brooklyn tale about the relationship between an Italian-American grandfather and his grandaughter, and the profound effect they have on each other as one’s life is ending while the other’s is just beginning. We met Chiara in Bensonhurst, the Italian American neighborhood where her family comes from. Before the rehearsals she told us about her Italian-American origins, her life with her grandpa and the unique bond that they shared
  • Dining in & out: Articles & Reviews
    Marina Melchionda(February 18, 2010)
    Louis Coluccio, grandson and son of the founders of D. Coluccio & Sons Italian Specialty Store, tells us the charming story of this family business and the role it plays in promoting the Italian Culinary Tradition in Bensonhurst, an Italian-American neighborhood in Brooklyn. It's a Saturday morning and the costumers are buying all they need for the upcoming week. As we take a look at their carriages, we chat with some of them...