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You chose: 2008 presidential elections

  • The grass-roots movement that has been supporting Sen. Obama in this election is simply amazing. The number of people gathered at any of his public appearances is unbelievable. Even his small contribution-based financial campaign is striking to any pundit. The dedication of his volunteers and the passion of his followers are second only to the ardor of a European hooligan. Why does everyone love Barack Obama? We try to shed some light on the subject
  • The seemingly never-ending primaries beg a host of questions: why is the process so long? Can the American public, and the Democratic party alike, survive the internal bickering? And more importantly, does Hillary Clinton really have a shot at the nomination? A gifted academic sheds some light
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    (November 18, 2007)
    The Pope's visit comes at a difficult moment for the U.S. Catholic Church. But, according to some analysts, Benedict XVI could galvanize American Catholics and influence the outcome of 2008 presidential elections.