November 30, 2012
05:00 pm

Screening: 41 Parallelo presents: SCHERMONAPOLI

24 W 12th St
10011 New York, NY
United States

394 - Trilogia nel Mondo directed by Massimilano Pacifico (2011, Ita, 56’)
The documentary follows the long international tour of Carlo Goldoni’s play Trilogia della villeggiatura, directed by Toni Servillo, through many different cities, including Berlin and Moscow, Paris and New York, Madrid and Istanbul. It is not merely a movie about theater, but about culture expressed through intense and strong experiences, it's about acting and directing actors, it’s a truly comparison between different lifestyles and ways of conceiving them. It ‘s also about the economic world crisis but still delightful and fun anyhow.

NAPOLI 24 directed by Giovanni Cioni, Bruno Oliviero, Gianluca Iodice, Diego Liguori, Roberta Serretiello, Luca Martusciello, Nicolangelo Gelormini, Guido Lombardi, Mariano Lamberti, Andrej Longo, Stefano e Mario F. Martone, Fabio Mollo, Mario Spada, Pietro Marcello, Andrea Canova, Lorenzo Cioffi e Corrado Costetti, Massimiliano Pacifico, Marcello Sannino, Federico Mazzi, Vincenzo Cavallo, Gianluca Loffredo, Daria D’Antonio, Ugo Capolupo, Paolo Sorrentino.(2010, Ita, 75’) Three minutes each, to portray the city of Naples: this is the starting point for a collective film made by twenty-four directors. A choral gaze that shows a metropolis in which tradition and the avant-garde, superstition and cosmopolitanism, live side-by-side. The directors were inspired by the people, the places and the atmosphere of a city which is shipwrecked between dreams and reality and which seems to have lost itself between opposing poles, multiple identities and irredeemable complexity. “It took us almost three years to make Napoli 24; almost ironically, this coincides with the explosion and the recent re-emergence of the garbage crisis. The events in the city affected and prolonged the difficult productive process, which began by sifting through over one hundred proposals and choosing the filmmakers, who are predominately young and very young – brave examples of the unlimited creative vitality of our territory.” All films are in Italian with English subtitles