September 15, 2015
07:30 pm

Cabinet Of Doctor Caligari (1920)

Austrian Cultural Forum
11 East 52nd Street
10022 New York, NY
United States

An influential 'classic' of early cinema, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari directed by Robert Wiene eploits all technical of the time to convey dream-like visions and the distortion of reality. With a radical set-design, this film represents an early nexus between design, space, architecture, and image. The Ensemble Dissonanzen from Italy provides an improvised sound track heightening the film's expressionism and further activating the interaction between image, music, and the architecture of cinema. This live-act uses the reading of the Italian translation of the film's original captions, made by Enzo Salomone, and is accompanied by improvised music by the Ensemble Dissonanzen.

This event is part of Moving Sounds 2015 - Liquid Architecture / Frozen Music. ARTISTS Ensemble Dissonanzen: Tommaso Rossi, flutes Marco Sannini, trumpet Marco Cappelli, electric guitar Ciro Longobardi, keyboard Enzo Salomone, narrator

"Dissonanzen" was created in 1993 to fill up a historical void in the landscape of concert seasons in Naples, with a view to promote a larger circulation of contemporary musical languages.