IACE and IIC's Morning Classes with "La Bella Lingua"

Francesca Di Folco (September 11, 2014)
A not to be missed event on Saturday, September 13 at the Italian Culture Institute. The Italian language, ‘La bella lingua’ will once again be celebrated in all its multifaceted and eclectic splendor


The opportunity arises from the collaboration between Iace, Italian America Committee on Education and Dianne Hales, experienced writer of Italian origin who represents the Italian culture in the US with emotion, passion and dedication.


 A true admirer of the Italian language which she says runs in her blood, Hales is the ambassador of all things Italian in San Francisco where she lives.

In 2009, the presentation at the IIC of ‘La bella lingua’ was an important milestone in her career dedicated to the study, appreciation and promotion of the Italian language. Even the Italian President Giorgio Napolitano has honoured her work and commitment by awarding her the title of Knight of the Order of the Star of Italian Solidarity in recognition of the aformentioned volume as a ‘priceless instrument of promotion of the Italian Language”.

On Saturday Ms Hales will become the ‘godmother’ of the IACE Morning Class. The Italian Consul Natalia Quintavalle, the attachee cultural Fabio Troisi and the IACE President Bernardo Paradiso will be present at the event.

Luca Marchi, language teacher, will outline the features and various characteristics of the IACE courses of Italian language and culture.

In “Mona Lisa: A life discovered” published by Simon & Schuster in 2014, the author unveils, after years of tenacious research, the behind the scene activities of Lisa’s life. Little by little one gets to know the woman bound to become the most famous artistic subject of all times and about whose identity, lineage and origins there are still unanswered questions.

Hales asks herself who really was Monna Lisa, woman arisen to global fame because the most brilliant painter of her time, Leonardo da Vinci, chose her as a model. Why did the “Sommo Maestro” singled her out as a Muse to endow with immortality?

What happened to her? Her smile, after centuries, still bedazzles us…

Dianne Hales reveals that Lisa Gherardini “ really was a woman who lived in Florence 500 years ago”. This the ‘incipit’, the opening of her

decades long research to discover the details of her life, the events and people who would have influenced the customs and habits of the noble woman that Hales identifies with Mona (Madame) Lisa Gherardini del Giocondo. Renaissance woman from Florence, wife, mother and muse,    “a noble spirit amongst the uproars, the pomp and the in-fighting of the ruling families”

“Lisa’s life traverses through the most tumultuous chapters of Florence’s history, decades of wars, insurrections, invasions, siege and occupation- states Hales. Her story paints an extraordinary picture of the daily life between medieval and modern times, a city blooming with vitality and a culture that has redefined the potential of men and women.”

The writer will explain in person the struggles of her work…we won’t say too much.

It would spoil the reading and the interpretation of the audience…