Survival Violin Project: Musical Notes of Memory

Mila Tenaglia (July 18, 2014)
At the Italian Cultural Institute, pianist and composer Giuseppe Devastato, together with the famous Japanese violinist Sumiko Tajihi, performed his latest work dedicated to the victims of the 2011 Tohoku eartquake. In order to carry out this project and in agreement with Devastato's colleagues Master luthier Muneyuki Nakazawa made a violin with wood grown in the disaster area.

Neapolitan pianist and composer Giuseppe Devastato was back in New York with his latest musical performance dedicated to the victims of the Tsunami which struck Japan back in 2011.

Devastato was recognized by international criticts as one of the most exciting pianists of his generation. He was awarded the position of Artistic Advisor of the Neapolitan Music Society of
New York, Mario Cuomo and Mrs. Matilda Cuomo for artistic merit in the revaluation of the Neapolitan repertoire of the XVIII century.

The concert took place recently at the Italian Cultural Institute of New York. The Italian musician offered the audience a wonderful preview of his work, playing together with a renowned Japanese violinist Sumiko Tajihi (also creator of the project).

Violinist Sumiko Tajihi has been widely recognized by press all over the world: "Every single bit of tune Sumiko creates is like human voices" (La Stampa from Italy).

From the most classical music repertoire duet Devastato and Sumiko played Veracini, Paganini, Vivaldi, Pergolesi and much more.

On May 30th at Carnegie Hall, Devastato opened his concert with a debut duet of “Homagge á Mozart,” a musical composition which was awarded the Silver Medal at the Global Music Awards 2014 in Los Angeles.

At the concert in the Big Apple, present was also the Saratoga Spring Youth Orchestra, composed of young talented musicians and directed by Gioacchino Longobardi, which elegantly accompanied the violin of Sumiko Tajihi and the piano played by Giuseppe Devastato.

The initiative was entirely dedicated to the victims of the Tsunami. Specifically for this
occasion, Giuseppe Devastato composed the "Sembazuru Fantasy" for violin, piano and orchestra. The piece was interpreted for the first time in a world premiere. On this important occasion, Sumiko Tajihi played the “Tsunami Violin,” a special violin made from wood debris returned from the sea after the earthquake. This violin, every year, is lended to a Japanese performer.  

The concert was sold-out and it was a great success. The audience loved the performance, proof of which was the final standing ovation which lasted for more than 10 minutes. Both soloists offered the audience a bis. Giuseppe Devastato enchanted the audience performing Traümerei di Schumann and Sumiko Tajihi seduced them with the magic notes of the Largo di Veracini.

On June 5th, Devastato, in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute, debuted also in Tokyo with his "Sembazuru Fantasy."

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