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NYC Welcomes Nutella!

Giulia Madron (May 13, 2014)
May 12th 2014-The Nutella Store opened its doors at Eataly in New York City. Stay tuned on i-ItalyTV for our video-story. The exclusive space dedicated by EatalyNY to Nutella was filled to the brim!

Everyone was talking about it and everyone couldn’t wait for it: the opening of the second (the first was opened in Chicago last December) Nutella Store in the US. Where? At Eataly, the most famous Italian gourmet store in the heart of Manhattan.

The exclusive space dedicated to Nutella was filled to the brim with all-size jars of the famous Italian hazelnut and cocoa spread that has been on the shelves of our kitchens since we were kids.

On the sweet occasion, Eataly offered a delicious tasting to the Nutella fans who waited in line for hours outside the store. Not only did they give out a free taste of the classic “pane e Nutella” (slice of bread and Nutella) but they allowed people to also choose from the various selection of products made with Nutella.

Famous pastry chef Katia Delogu prepared croissants, crepes, cookies, sweet sandwiches, muffins and other delicious recipes all with Nutella for the Bar's opening day. A dream for the eyes and for the palate!

Dino Borri, top manager of Eataly, welcomed all the guests who were attending the awaited event.

“We always wanted to do this because Nutella was born in the same city where the founder of Eataly, Mr Farinetti, was born: in Alba. After the opening in Chicago we thought we needed it also in NYC. So we found the space, the location and we opened it,” said Borri, excited as well for the big opening. “Today we open with “pane e Nutella” which is exactly the ‘merenda’ (snack) of when we were young and used to eat every day.”

It’s a great pride for Ferrero to bring one of their best product to the US,” said Bernard Kreilmann, President of Ferrero USA. “It was in the US for several years but only 4 years ago we decided to expand very rapidly and now we are in this location in New York where we have a real Nutella Bar so this is a fantastic experience.”

Present at the Nutella event was also the celebrity chef and Eataly partner Lidia Bastianich.

“Nutella represents for me my childhood, my growing up,” said Lidia recalling eating Nutella in her childhood. “It represents the flavor of Italy and specifically of Piemonte: milk chocolate and hazelnuts, doesn’t get any better. It’s a mouth full of Italy!”

Also her son and international restaurateur, winemaker and judge of the famous TV show Master Chef Joe Bastianich, couldn’t miss the big opening. Actually he couldn’t stay away from the Nutella counter.

“Nutella is the bounty and the goodness. Nutella is why Italians make everything better.
It truly represents the simplicity and perfect food that goes with everything,” said Bastianich who fell in love with Nutella when he was was just a kid. It was love at first sight, he told us. “I thought: this is what I need to have in my life.”

Now that Manhattan has become sweeter thanks to the Nutella Bar at Eataly we are sure you will enjoy it even more!