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Celebrate your Birthday with Eataly!

(August 28, 2013)
If you were born on August 31st, you share your birthday with Eataly New York! On September 6th, Eataly will host a real Food & Wine feast to celebrate its birthday... and yours! During the birthday celebrations, stop in show a valid ID proving you share a birthday with Eataly and they will have a present for you!

Eataly New York is turning 3 on August 31st, and to celebrate the occasion, they have taken the best of their food and wine offerings from the past three years and compiled them for their first-ever storewide Food and Wine Festival that is taking place on September 6th.

The Eataly marketplace
will be skilfully transformed into a classical Italian-style festa di piazzawith over 30 specialty food and beverage stands throughout the store. It will be just like walking through the colorful streets of Italy.

The marketplace and restaurants of Eataly will remain open throughout the day, so shoppers have the option of shopping and dining in, or hopping from food cart to beverage cart as they please. What better way to celebrate a birthday!

The celebrations will take place on September 6th, 2013! Tickets are available for pre-purchase online >>>, or on the day of at both entrances. Individual tickets are $ 4.00 and the items range from 1 to 5 tickets. Packets are also available for sale (10 at $ 40.00, 20 at $ 75.00 and 30 at $110.00).

There will be a Fried Bar where guests can enjoy Suppli, fried risotto balls, Frittelle, vegetable fritters and Ceci Fritti, fried chickpeas. Meat lovers will enjoy the Salumi & Formaggi Bar but mostly the Eccellenze Carving Station where they can have Whole Roasted Pork Shoulder (11am-4pm) and Eataly Housemade Porchetta (5pm-11pm). At the Fresh Mozzarella Bar shoppers will try the first ever Burrata Sundae with tomato jam and basil gelee and delicious Caprese skewers. Guests can also enjoy assorted tramezzini, crostini, antipasti, desserts and raw fish at the Crudo Bar. A real feast!

The program also features Games & Entertainment but they remain a surprise... So mark your calendar... September 6!
But the good news do not end here... Eataly's birthday is on August 31st, and if it is your birthday too, stop by during the September 6th celebrations, show a valid ID and they will have a present ready for you!