'Six' Fights Gun Possession. Your Contribution is Essential

Azzurra Giorgi (April 03, 2013)
With 300 millions of guns privately owned by civilians in the U.S, gun possession is a massive problem nowadays. This short film by the young Italian director Frank Jerky aims to investigate the different aspects and consequences of this issue.

Six is a short film about a child who finds a hidden, loaded gun while playing alone on a rooftop. An innocent imagination meets the awful reality of gun possession, recalling an argument that provokes damages and deaths every day.

Five hundred and sixty one. This is the impressive number of children aged 12 and under killed by firearms between 2006 and 2010. This number will definitely increase once the records of 2011 and 2012 will be released.

Gun possession is a massive problem nowadays, with almost 300 million guns privately owned by civilians that constitute the 300 million population of the United States. The number itself is huge and terrifying and the effects that this could cause are even worse.

The last bloody tragedy happened in Newtown, Connecticut, where the twenty-year-old Adam Lanza killed 26 people, as well as himself, at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Twenty of them were innocent kids. This terrible act is one of many that occurred in the United States in the past years. Some of them are of big proportions, like the massacre at Virginia Tech back in 2007, when 32 students were deadly shot. Others are smaller but they are nevertheless a symptom of a disease that is consistently and dangerously growing. In addition to this, other deaths come from the firearms that kids can find in their own house: leaving guns or other weapons at home may be fatal, especially if they do not have external safeties.

After Connecticut's tragedy, the discussion about gun control continues to take place, while the families of the victims still cannot believe what has happened. Their innocent kids, with a bright and long life ahead, were murdered for no reason - in a school, which is supposed to be one of the safest places of all.

No one can give them their children back, but there is something we all can do to erase the problem. Spread the word. Talking about the issue at hand makes people conscious about the risks connected with gun possession.

For this reason, a group of talented and passionate individuals has decided to make a short film in order to make everybody think about the effects of uncontrolled gun possession. The short film sheds light on the innocence of a kid exposed to the power of the guns, reflecting on the noxious and dangerous world in which we live.

Six, written and directed by Frank Jerky, a young Italian director who lives in New York, is not yet finished. In fact, two more days of filming and post production are necessary to complete this work. To spread the message even more, the creators are seeking your help. Supporting this project would be a step forward in putting an end to the death of children as a result of firearms.

The talented Italian filmmaker who currently lives in New York, Frank Jerky, spoke to i-Italy about his project, saying: “the innocence of a curious child who holds a firearm is the most frightening image that I could possibly imagine. The problem is that I didn't even have to imagine too much. Unfortunately, we are constantly more used to seeing a certain kind of image, that by now no longer affect us. For this reason, Six goes beyond that. We live everything through the eyes and the mind of the kid and often reality mixes with imagination. We are excited to follow his steps and I think that's truly the scary part.”

You can contribute to the project on indiegogo.com, your help is essential in making Six happen.

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