'Besame Mucho' Fights Violence Against Women. Your Contribution is Essential

azzurra giorgi (March 29, 2013)
Interviewing professors, lawyers, therapists as well as ex-abusers, this documentary project aims to pose questions and propose answers about one of the worst sores of this society

There is a sore that is spreading among the society. It has always been there, but it has been kept secret by many for a long time, and only in these past years people started openly talking about it. It is violence against women, and now is time to fight it once and for all.

This is why three people decided to create a documentary project called "Besame Mucho." A project that is meant to bring awareness to the suffering that some women are subjected to. The documentary contains interviews with professors, NYPD officers, who deal with domestic violence, lawyers, therapists but most of all former abusers. Abusers that have come to the recognition of their personality disorder after a time spent on a recovery path. Because this is what it is: a personality disorder.


No man was born an abuser. Most who suffer from this condition have a tough history behind them, but this doesn't justify their actions. It is, instead, one of the conditions that likely led them to become abusive. Often abusers share personality traits:  being  insecure and having a very low level of self-esteem is very common among them.

These elements make the abuser feel that the only way to lead his life is by using psychological and/or physical violence against his partner. The victim usually ends up with their  personality destroyed by being constantly subjected to abuse, being unable to speak and reveal the fact to someone who could help.


Domestic violence against women is unfortunately internationally spread and it involves different cultures and societies. For this reason the documentary aims to pose questions and give answers, showing two different models: a personal model, talking with the abusers who discuss their problem, and a social model, as the American model, which can provide responses to this matter.


The project was born on the Internet and found financial help from those who cared about this documentary and its argument. Now the creators of Besame Mucho, Marina Catucci, Roberto Vincitore and Elena Codeluppi, are seeking support to spread this important message even further.


To support them, beside talking about it as much as you can, you can donate directly on Kickstarter.

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Your contribution and word of mouth is essential to stop the violence against women.