Music. La Grande Madre with Pino Daniele & John Turturro @ NYU

(June 01, 2012)
Analyzing the importance of Naples as a source of artistic inspiration, Turturro’s “Passione” is a remarkable case-study: the Italian-American director decided to embark on a journey of discovery of Naples’ music and musicality. From the “bel canto” tradition to the newest popular sounds, Turturro documents the immense cultural heritage of Neapolitan music, and does so by directly involving Neapolitan artists in the process. Among these artists is Pino Daniele. The sound of Naples permeates the musical DNA of Pino Daniele, from the debut album “Terra Mia” to the latest works. His songs echo Mediterranean vibrations, mixing the Neapolitan dialect’s peculiar musicality to influences from different genres. The result is a unique “world music” sound, his creative hallmark, also characterizing his latest record, “La Grande Madre,” released last March, about which Daniele will answer questions at Casa Italiana.

On June 6 at 6 pm Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimò  will open its doors to two artists from different backgrounds and nationalities, but with a shared love and a lot to say about it. The artists are Pino Daniele, Neapolitan singer and songwriter, and John Turturro, Italian-American actor and director. Their shared love is for Naples and for its very specific musicality.

Stefano Albertini, Director of Casa Italiana, Massimo Gallotta, Producer and Letizia Airos, Editor in Chief of i-Italy, will converse with Daniele and Turturro about the importance of Naples as a source of inspiration for both, and about their collaboration in Turturro’s movie “Passione,” which features the famous hit song “Napule è” by Pino Daniele, released in 1977 and considered as one of the most powerful declarations of love to Naples ever sung.