Italian-American Man Endorses Barack Obama

Marc Edward DiPaolo (November 05, 2008)
Why am I voting for Barack Obama? Because he's smart. And he's clearly more intelligent than McCain. In these tense times, we need the most intelligent person available to be president.

Reasons why I'm voting for Barack Obama:

1. Obama is thoughtful, articulate, and demonstrates critical thinking skills and and an ability to tackle problems with pragmatic rather than ideological solutions. 

2. Obama has spent more time talking about issues and presenting concrete plans for addressing the economy and the United States' poor standing in the eyes of the world.  McCain has contented himself with largely ad hominem attacks on Obama's choice of friends.

3. I voted for McCain the maverick in 2000 against George W. Bush.  He lost to Bush.  Since then, he has gradually lost his maverick street cred and seems to be yet another Republican true believer.  The McCain running now is not the McCain who ran in 2000.  But he would have been a much better president than Bush had he won back then.  (Of course, Gore would have been better, too, and he actually won that election.)

4. Obama picked Joe Biden as his running mate.  I've always liked and respected Biden.  Sarah Palin was a poor choice for a running mate, and gives voters an idea of the kinds of wacky folks McCain will likely populate his cabinet with.

5. The last thing we need is more judges appointed by Republicans.

6. A black president? How cool is that? Maybe we'll get an Italian one next time.

7. Obama wants to revolutionize the auto industry and "Green" America.  Thank Christ.

8. Tax cut for the middle class?  I'll take it.  Thanks, Barack!

9. Maybe a landslide Democratic victory will shut up the folks at Fox News and end their reign of crazy right-wing propaganda.

10. I want the Brits to like us again.

11. Obama smiles.  He doesn't smirk like Clinton, sneer like Bush, or growl like McCain.  He smiles.

12. Obama sends me cool text messages on my phone, making me feel like his buddy.

13. Colin Powell's endorsement: what I was thinking, but he said it better than I could, and people actually listen to Powell.  Except when he advises against conquering Iraq. Then people don't listen to him.

14. A president who can speak well.  How rare.

15. Obama might actually secure some money for education and the arts, and he might wrest control of higher education from corporate conservative interests.

16. I'm sure there's more, but I'm tired.