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Super Bowl Riceballs

Johnny Meatballs DeCarlo (January 30, 2012)

My Big Game Tradition


More balls!

They look and sound delicious.. Your family (and especially the guests that didn't watch the game) are blessed to have you make these in bulk for everyone!

Here in Australia they're usually sold as 'Arancini' with kind of like a 'surprise' in the middle (like cheese, bolognese meat mixture or peas). I don't think I've come across the rice balls with the flavours and ingredients mixed throughout the rice.

It's not easy to find good arancine here.. Some are very greasy when reheated. I don't think I've made them myself? If I have it was a long time ago..and I probably only attempted it once. It's something I've thought about a lot. My family aren't fans you see.. so I usually buy them for myself if sold in individual portions. Plus I don't have a deep-fryer. Though I have fried some doughnuts in an electric wok!

The arancine here are usually dome-shaped with a flat bottom.. not perfectly round. I wonder why that is?

Thanks for another great blog.. Keep cooking! P.S. Megin's corn fritters looked good on Facebook.

Cheers Maria Anstis FWanderings on Twitter

P.S. I watched your Meatballs-Making video with a female tv host? My jaw dropped when I learned her mother won the competition to cook meatballs with you. I totally believe that it was all legitimate etc.. But here..they don't allow folks to enter competitions when their family members work for the same company that is hosting the competition.. There isn't allowed to be any affiliation whatsoever. So.. "Lol"..that the hosts mother was even allowed to enter! Amazing. Did anyone complain? haha...