January 03, 2012
07:00 pm

Group Reading for the Anthology New Hungers for Old: One-Hundred Years of Italian-American Poetry Edited by Dennis Barone

St. Mark's Poetry Project
2nd Ave & E 10th St
10003 New York, New York
United States

Introduction by Dennis Barone

Participants: Christine Casson, Elaine Equi, Mary Giaimo,George Guida, Peter Covino, Maria Mazziotti Gillan,Ray DiPalma, Daniela Gioseffi,

Brief Intermission: Vittoria Repetto, Matthew Longabucco, Jerome Mazzaro, J.T. Barbarese, Nick Piombino, Maria Terrone, David Cappella, Clare Rossini, Paola Corso.

Saint Mark's Poetry Project