November 07 to 06, 2011
09:00 am to 05:00 pm

On the Ashes of Post-Modernism: A New Realism. An International Conference.

Italian Cultural Institute in New York
686 Park Ave
10065 New York, NY
United States

The recent years of economic crisis and geopolitical transformations have led post-modernism to a critical point. Tenets such as the one that reality issocially constructed and ceaselessly modifiable, and that truth and objectivity are untenable notions are increasingly showing signs of rejection by a growing number of thinkers. The facts cannot be reduced to interpretations and strike back claiming a new realism.

World famous public intellectuals Umberto Eco and Hilary Putnam and prominent philosophers Akeel Bilgrami, Giovanna Borradori, Neil Block, Paul Boghossian, Petar Bojanic, Maurizio Ferraris, Markus Gabriel, Alvin Goldman, Armando Massarenti and Riccardo Viale will discuss the return of strong ideas after decades of weak thinking. Implications are not only logical, ontological, and pistemological, but also widely social, sychological, and ethical.

In collaboration with the laboratory of Ontology of the University of Turin.