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September 13, 2011
07:30 pm

Jewish Treasures of the Italian Regions

Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò
24 W 12th St
10011 New York, New York
United States

Apulia and Marche: Discover, Listen, Study, Travel, Taste & Twitt. With Riccardo Strano, ENIT
Natalia Indrimi, Centro Primo Levi

Presentation of the portal J-ITALY

Conceived by Centro Primo Levi in collaboration with ENIT and UCEI and designed by Jonathan Wajskol, provides a dynamic guide to both historical and contemporary Jewish Italy, allowing viewers to explore, at their own pace, the cultural treasures of the most ancient Diaspora community in the West.

Film screening:
The Marranos of Ancona, by Daniel Toaff and Giuseppe Santini
Sorgente di Vita, RAI (20’, Italian w/English subtitles)

Music talk:
Francesco Spagnolo, University of California, Berkeley
Puglia’s Jewish Diaspora: The Musical Traditions of the Jews

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