March 29, 2011
06:00 pm

The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire and the Shared Italian-Jewish History of New York. Lecture by Hasia R. Diner, Ph.D

John D. Calandra Italian American Institute
25 W 43rd St
10036 New York, NY
United States

A specialist in immigration and ethnic history, American Jewish history and the history of American women, Dr. Diner is the author of numerous published books, including In the Almost Promised Land: American Jews and Blacks, 1915-1935 (1977, reissued, 1995); Erin's Daughters in American: Irish Immigrant Women in the Nineteenth Century (1984), Hungering for America: Italian, Irish, and Jewish Foodways in the Age of Migration (Harvard University Press, 2001), The Jews of the United States: 1654-2000 (University of California Press, 2004), We Remember with Reverence and Love: American Jews and the Myth of Silence After the Holocaust, 1945-1962 (New York University Press, 2009), which won the 2010 National Jewish Book Award for American Jewish Studies. She is editing a multi-volume reference work on the history of American women.