June 27, 2011
02:00 pm

The Drowned and the Saved: Two Faces of Persecution in Fascist Italy

92Y - Lexington Avenue at 92nd St. C
Lexington Avenue & East 92nd Street
10128 New York, NY
United States

Moderated byAlessandro Cassin, Deputy director of Centro Primo Levi The vicissitudes of Italian and foreign Jews under Fascist rule have been the object of in depth studies but are still often presented as contradictory aspects of the same history. Today, thanks to a broad range of interdisciplinary research we are able to present a more cohesive picture of those years. Davide Rodogno (International History and Politics Department amp; School of History, St. Andrews) and Donato Grosser, whose father Bernardo Grosser, was secretary of the Italian Jewish Relief Agency Delasem, will map the movements and fate of Jews residing in Italy and in Italian occupied territories between 1933-1945, examining the diverse levels of solidarity and persecution encountered. The conversation will have as points of departure the perspective of Italian civil and military authorities and the work of Jewish relief organizations. With the participation of Doris Schechter, who was interned with her family in Guardiagrele, Abruzzi.