October 08, 2009
12:30 pm

Lecture: “Beyond April 6, 2009: Rebuilding L’Aquila” by Professor Laura Benedetti, Georgetown University

College of Staten Island, Conference Room, Center for the Arts (1P-116)
2800 Victory Blvd
10314 Staten Island, NY
United States

The earthquake that struck the capital of the Abruzzi region on April 6, 2009 is a human and cultural catastrophe of exceptional magnitude. The historical center has been closed off and its population forced to
relocate. If L’Aquila was born in the Middle Ages out of the desire to bring together the communities of the surrounding mountains and valleys, this tragic turn of events has turned the clock back, scattering the Aquilani far from their homes. The solidarity of the Italian- American community can play an important role in the reconstruction.

Admission:  free; open to the public