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Saviano & Roubini – Do New York ... Literati love the ‘Shtick’

Tom Verso (January 05, 2012)
In U.S. House of Representatives – “Financial Services Oversight and Investigations Committee” – hearings on December 15, 2011, very authoritative expert witnesses in sworn testimony stipulated: in a period of less than two days during October 2011, 1.2 billion dollars of customer money “disappeared” from MF Global’s “customary accounts”. No one knows were it went (i.e. who got it). Multi-Billionaire Jon Corzine CEO of MF Global testified: “I simply do not know where the money is, or why the accounts have not been reconciled to date.” Further, there has yet to be even a hint of criminal charges being brought against anyone. At least half of that money belonged to “small ranchers and farmers” (small business people analogous to the “Gomorrah” film’s “dressmaking company”). Crime does not get more organized and international than this MF Global scam. Frankly, how pathetic does even the most exaggerated “docufiction” movie representations of Camorra gang-sters seem when juxtaposed against real life international ‘Bank-sters’, such as the officers and managers of MF Global. What Camorra gangster could even dream of stealing 1.2 billion dollars with the click of a computer key and not even be suspect of a crime? In this context, Roberto Saviano’s hubris becomes clear. Whatever high moral glorious “muckraking” claims Saviano makes about “Gomorrah”, it’s just another Hollywood violent car chasing, shooting, sadistic crime entertainment film. Southern-Italian Americans should be especially mindful! “Gomorrah” falls solidly in the 200+ year tradition of denigrating dehumanizing representations of their Patria Meridionale. Saviano gives us Neapolitan boys running around in panties mindlessly firing off mega-machineguns...Gimme a break!

Lovefests are not about Reality

Now that I think of it, Saviano and Roubini on stage together is not so curious after all – both are irrelevant to the working class. Saviano is locked into the past and Roubini is an economist for the elite.  But, hey!  They’re still big in New York literati Vaudeville.    





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