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The Secret History of Italian Americans on TV

Joey Skee (March 06, 2011)
Pausing the flickering image of the cathode ray tube.

The 1960s television program The Man From U.N.C.L.E. recently became available on Netflix and I immediately moved the DVDs to the top of my queue. While I was a big fan of this spy show when I was kid, I had never noticed that the secret entrance to the headquarters of the international intelligence agency—“in New York City, on a street in the east 40s”—was through “Del Floria’s Tailor Shop.” After a quick search I discovered that the shop owner controlling the access was a sixty-year-old Italian immigrant named Giovanni

Harvey Birdman: The Dabba Don

Tags: Harvey Birdman: The Dabba Don

I would be remiss if I did not mention the Calandra Institute’s ITALICS, the twenty-year-old “TV magazine” broadcast on CUNY-TV. 

Thanks to Laura Ruberto and Anthony Tamburri for several cited references and links, and to Rosangela Briscese for her assistance.





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