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i-Italy Needs All of You!

I. I. (November 23, 2016)
All of us at i-Italy would like to thank you for following and inspiring our work.

We founded i-Italy eight years ago with the mission of bringing together three similar, yet traditionally isolated groups of Italophiles: Americans of Italian heritage, Italians living in the United States, and all Americans who love Italy. 

Since then, with very limited resources and lots of enthusiasm, we've achieved miraculous results. Our website now has over a million hits, and between Facebook and other social media, we have reached 200,000 followers. Our videos on YouTube have been viewed 2 million times, and our television program, established 4 years ago, still airs every Sunday on NYCTV, the Public Broadcasting Station of the City of New York. Additionally, every two months you can find the latest edition of our free-press magazine all over town. 

The year 2017 marks a critical juncture for i-Italy and we need your help. We plan to expand from New York to Washington, DC and start building a network of correspondents in several US cities. If we succeed, we will bring you even more news, information, and entertainment about everything Italian and Italian American in the United States.

That's Why We Need You! 
To remain independent and continue to produce the high-quality content you have come to expect from i-Italy, we rely on people like you who lend their support through sponsorships and donations. In other words, you are the ones who can help us keep the dream going!

We accept any contribution; every dollar counts!
For donations of $99 or more you will receive our print magazine at home!
And remember: all donations are tax deductible! 

They are made through the Italian American Digital Project (IADP), Inc; a not-for-profit 501(c)3 company whose mission is to facilitate cultural exchange between Italy and the United States. IADP, Inc., will be collecting donations through the "Friends of i-Italy" program.

Be part of our future! Join the "Friends of i-Italy" program

We'd like to remind you that donating to i-Italy is easy!

● Donations may be made by individuals, corporations, and nonprofit organizations ● In compliance with the regulations established by the Internal Revenue Code, the gifts are tax-deductible Card): Please visit www.iItaly.org/donate ● CHECKS: Payable to Italian American Digital Project, Inc., 140 Cabrini Blvd Suite 108, New York, NY, 10033 ● MONEY TRANSFER: Italian American Digital Project, Inc., 140 Cabrini Blvd Suite 108, New York, NY, 10033, Acc # 7926035937; Routing # 026013673; TD Bank, 317 Madison Avenue, New York, NY, 10017 ● Please state as the reason of your donation: "Friends of i-Italy 2017" ● For more information contact us via email: [email protected]