"Here lies Giorgio Faletti, dead at the age of 17"

(July 04, 2014)
Giorgio Faletti, 63, died today in Turin. The popular writer, comedian and singer had been ill for some time. We met Giorgio at Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimò, two years ago in New York, when he gave us a splendid interview that remains in our hearts. Here it is again for all those who loved him as well as for those who didn't know him. It was entitled "A Distinguished 17 Year Old Man" because, as he told us during our conversation: «When I die I want them to write on my tombstone 'Here lies Giorgio Faletti, dead at the age of 17'». As journalist Mario Calabresi twitted a few hours ago, Faletti "was a man of many lives, all successful". Good bye, kid. We won't forget you!